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Game Design with Unity: Bring your vision to life today! This class will take you from zero to hero as you learn the basics of graphics, programming, and game design using Unity and Blender. You will be empowered with all you need to create 2D and 3D games like the pros! You will implement functionality using c# scripts, add animation and manage lighting for the game, and finally rendering a functional game you and your friends can play!

Minecraft Coding: You can stop fighting your kid's love for Minecraft and turn it into a positive learning tools. Our Minecraft players (whether or not you know how to code) to imagine, create, and share amazing mods, texture packs, and schematics while learning coding concepts through badges and projects.

Minecraft Worldbuilder: Minecraft economy has never been as exciting as Minecraft World Builder, in this class you will learn how to run a city, manage money, protect the environment, all within the 3D world of Minecraft! This class is not coding based but more real-world economics, city planning, and life planning, and life management! In Minecraft World Builder, you will be apart of a committee and learn to manage money by building onto your ever growing city with your peers. All by using the Minecraft World Builder mods! Your child will learn real-life money management, town designing, environment protection, public speaking, presentation skills, and economics all within the very popular 3D video game Minecraft.

Roblox Game Development: Become a Roblox game wiz using Lua! Create versions of your fairytale universe with Roblox. Roblox studio has all the tools to make your wildest gaming imaginations a reality. In this class, you and other passionate kids will learn how to make use of the many tools on Roblox to code terrific games, relaying your imaginative capabilities to the world. By using Lua, you'll be creating extensions to the Roblox game while fostering your creativity and learning computer coding

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